Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Steel City Softball League (SCSL) Hall of Fame is to recognize the contributions made by a member, team, sponsor, or organization that has made an impact on the LGBTQ+ community.

The criteria for joining the SCSL Hall of Fame is listed under our Official Documents.


Andrew “Andy” Usner

Bobb Cobb

Donny Thinnes

Frank Winn

Gary “Bambi” Scalise

Greg Cooper

James Katz

Jeff Balchick

Jeff Freedman

Jeffrey Toth

Jeanann Madden

Jennifer Grab

Jim Sampson

Joe Octavi

Karen Spang

Nancy Pribich

Rachel Kudrick

Ron Herceg


The Rogues


Pegasus Lounge

Lambda Awards

1983 Non-Profit Activity Organization of the Year SCSL

1986 Social/Recreational Group of the Year

         Show of the Year – SCSL Benefit