The Executive Board, and Board of Directors recently voted on Hall of Fame (HoF) nominations and it is with great pride that the league can announce that 3 nominations have been voted into the Steel City Softball Hall of Fame

Below are the nomination descriptions for each of the new members.

On behalf of the entire league – Congratulations! 🥳

Ralph Morrow

Ralph has been a cornerstone of the Steel City Softball League (SCSL) for over 25 years. His diverse roles as a founder of numerous teams, player, coach, manager, team representative, league commissioner, and sponsor underscore his profound commitment to the league’s growth and success. Ralph has led teams to multiple league championships and played a crucial role in showcasing the SCSL’s talent nationally, particularly at the Gasparilla Tournament in Tampa for more than two decades.

Beyond his on-field roles, Ralph has been a guiding light for new members, imparting the league’s history and values. His success as a businessman and owner of 5801 in Pittsburgh, along with his philanthropy, especially towards the LGBTQ+ community, demonstrate his dedication to inclusivity and community support.

As a valued friend and mentor, Ralph’s influence on the league and the broader community is significant. His legacy in the SCSL will be one of lasting commitment and leadership.

El Bowles

El Bowles‘s dedication and passion for softball have significantly shaped the spirit and success of our league. For over two decades, El has excelled not only in playing with exceptional skill and sportsmanship but also as a key figure in the establishment and growth of multiple teams. His commitment goes beyond the field, playing a vital role in supporting our league through tournaments, fundraising, and charity events. El’s active participation in the GSWS teams underscores their devotion to the sport and our community.

As a veteran league member, El has consistently exemplified the values of teamwork, resilience, and community spirit. His steadfast dedication to their teams and the league has enriched the experiences of their teammates and inspired a new generation of players.

Greg Arndt

Greg Arndt is a stalwart of our softball community, for his contributions over the last two decades. His unwavering commitment and love for the sport have profoundly shaped our league’s heart and soul. Beyond the field, Greg’s pivotal role in founding multiple teams has fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among players. His involvement in tournaments, fundraising, and charity events has elevated our league and highlighted the unifying power of sports in communities.

Greg’s dedication to the GSWS teams is a testament to his deep bond with the sport and his teammates. His consistent presence in the league for approximately 20 years reflects his loyalty and commitment to creating a nurturing yet competitive environment for all players.

Furthermore, Greg’s battle with cancer underscores his resilience and courage. Despite personal challenges, his spirit and passion for the game have remained undiminished. This honor would recognize not only his substantial contributions to the league but also celebrates his strength, determination, and inspiring attitude in adversity.