When is registration?

Registration typically opens in early Spring of the playing year, announcements for the upcoming season usually start in February, and registration generally starts the end of March and will be open through May. We recommend following us on all social media platforms to stay up-to-date for registration and season information, and subscribe to our mailing list.

Is there a certain level of skill or experience required?

No, we welcome all players at any skill level. At SCSL, we are focused on a safe and fun league that welcomes all individuals regardless of skill level. 

Is there a fall league?

Sadly, no. SCSL only offers a Summer season that generally runs from May-August. 

When and where are the games?

Games are held in the Pittsburgh area every Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer months (May-August or June-September). We utilize a variety of fields in the city limits, and outlying areas such as North Park in McCandless Twp.

Do you have to have a team to play?

No, all individuals are welcome. Individuals who do not currently have a team, will be placed onto a team. No one would be left out because they are new. Everyone is welcome. 

Do you have a certifying body?

Currently the league stands by itself and is not part of any softball body. The league utilizes rules and regulations provided by ASA, when no specific rules for SCSL exist or a difference in rules exist. 

Is your league co-ed?


How long are the softball games?

65 Minutes.

Do you have to be LGBTQIA+ to play?

No. We welcome all individuals in the league, but we are at our core an LGBTQIA+ organization, and expect our allies support our community and have good sportsmanship to all members.