Nominations for joining the Steel City Softball League Executive Board are open! If you are looking to make a difference in our community, please step-up and join our board!

This election cycle we have a few positions open. Each of these positions are 2 year terms.

Commissioner (2024-2026)
Incumbent: Ronny Campbell / Not Running but Concluding Term
Assistant Commissioner – Recreational League (2024-2026)
Incumbent: Cassie Lloyd / Not Running but Concluding Term
Secretary (2024-2026)
Incumbent: Harry Caskey / Running for Re-Election
Membership Chairperson (2024-2026)
Incumbent: Madison Baxter / Not Running but Concluding Term

A full list of the SCSL Executive Board Member responsibilities and descriptions can be found here:

Click on the following link for nominations:

Nominations will close the evening of July 15th, 2023.

After nominations have closed we will announce the nominees.

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