It’s our pleasure to announce the results for Assistant Commissioner, Treasurer, Marketing Chairperson, and Fields Chairperson. We had a total of 99 votes from registered 2022 SCSL Members. The New SCSL Executive Board’s term will officially start on October 1st, 2022.

Assistant Commissioner

Rebecca Powers: 63
Andrew Williams: 34
Abstain: 2

With a 29 point delta, Rebecca Powers (She/Her) has won re-election for Assistant Commissioner (2022-2024).


Robert Franklin Angelo III: 96
Abstain: 3

Running unopposed Robert Franklin Angelo III (He/Him), has been elected as the new Treasurer (2022-2024).

Marketing Chairperson

Mary Demino: 92
Abstain: 7

Running unopposed Mary Demino (She/Her) has been elected as the new Marketing Chair (2022-2024).

Fields Chairperson

With the majority of 6 write-in votes, and the acceptance for the nomination we are happy to announce that Shane Putorek (He/Him) will be joining the Steel City Softball League Executive Board as the Fields Chairperson (2022-2023).