On behalf of the Steel City Softball League Executive Board we are devastated by the tragedy to our queer family in Colorado Springs at Club Q. Our hearts are with you, and all your loved ones.

As queer people, we are always looking for safe spaces. We want to remind all of those in our community that our league is, and will continue to be a safe space for all those in the queer community, and we stand by our zero tolerance policy. There is no room for hate in our league.

It is not fair that we have to fight everyday–just to exist, but we will continue to do so. We stand with our queer family in Colorado Springs.

Please remember the names of these heroes.
❤️ Daniel Davis Aston, 28
❤️ Kelly Loving, 40
❤️ Derrick Rump, 38
❤️ Ashley Paugh, 35
❤️ Raymond Green Vance, 22

If you’d like to give back to the community, please donate to their official fund: https://www.coloradogives.org/donate/COHealingFund

If you are a local community member, please keep in mind that these resources are available to you: https://www.steelcitysoftball.org/lgbtq-resources