SCSL Tipoff Fundraising Competition

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Complete your bracket by selecting the winner in each of the games in the NCAA tournament. You only need 5 minutes to fill out your bracket and then compete against other SCSL participants for a chance to win cash prizes!

To Participate

  1. Send $10 via-Venmo to @SteelCitySoftball
    • Please include your email in the comments section so we can contact you.
  2. Click on this link to access the ESPN Fantasy Tournament Challenge, which should take you directly to the SCSL Bracket Challenge group.
  3. Click “Join Group”
  4. Click “Create a bracket now!”
  5. If you have an ESPN Fantasy account, log in. If not, you’ll need to click “Sign up” and create an account.
  6. Pick a display name.
  7. Select a name for your bracket.
  8. Then click on “Create a bracket” and you should be in!

You can also simply search for the SCSL Bracket Challenge group and join with the password “softball”.


Points are awarded for each game picked correctly. The farther along the tournament goes, the more points the games are worth. Most points at the end of the tournament wins!

  • Round 1 (Round of 64): 10 points per correct game pick
  • Round 2 (round of 32): 20 points per correct game pick
  • Round 3 (round of 16): 40 points per correct game pick
  • Round 4 (round of 8): 80 points per correct game pick
  • Round 5 (Round of 4): 160 points per correct game pick
  • Round 6 (Championship game): 320 points per correct game pick


  • 1st place $150
  • 2nd place $75
  • 3rd place $50